Skilling and Empowerment Through Business Education!

After years of dedicated service in training, educating, coaching, and mentoring individuals and teams, the journey to extend these benefits to a broader audience becomes a natural progression. This is where COMETSA Business Academy (CBA) steps in, serving as a robust platform for imparting knowledge and skills to communities, organisations, and society at large.

Empowering Through Practical Business Education

The philosophy at CBA is straightforward – to offer practical, applied business courses that have real-world relevance. With more than 130 diverse courses under its belt, the Academy caters to a wide range of professional needs. The courses are thoughtfully categorised into seven key areas:

  1. Administrative Skills Courses (ASC)
  2. Career Development Courses (CDC)
  3. Human Resources Courses (HRC)
  4. Personal Development Courses (PDC)
  5. Sales and Marketing Courses (SMC)
  6. Supervisors and Managers Courses (SuMC)
  7. Workplace Essentials Courses (WEC)

Each category is designed to target specific skill sets and knowledge areas, ensuring that learners get the most relevant and impactful education.

Tailored Solutions for Organisations

Are you in charge of training and skill development in your organisation? CBA offers custom solutions that align with your organisational needs. You can easily request a proposal and quotation online at COMETSA’s Request Portal. Additionally, organisations can leverage institutional/corporate memberships for unique benefits and preferential rates for team enrolments. Apply online at CometsaMember.Com.

Opportunities for Facilitators and Business Associates

CBA isn’t just about learners; it’s also a hub for skilled facilitators. If you are a qualified and experienced facilitator, consider joining South Africa’s fast-growing human capital and management development organisations by taking an individual membership with CBA. Apply for Business Associate Status at callcentre@Cometsa-GoC.Com. Moreover, join our Business Referral Programme to earn commissions for referring businesses, accessible online at COMETSA’s Referral Programme.

Weekly Insights: Nurturing & Growing Talent

Join us every Tuesday, from 20h00 to 21h00 (SAST), for our weekly show, “Nurturing & Growing Talent Purposefully,” live at COMETSA Radio Worldwide (CRW). Starting from the 6th of February 2024, we spotlight CBA’s courses with insights from members, business associates, trainers, and facilitators. Don’t miss out – download our radio app for Android or iOS at COMETSA Radio App Download.

A Milestone in Quality Education

Exciting news for COMETSA GoC International (Pty) Ltd – we are in the process of obtaining a licence from the Quality Council for Trades & Occupations (QCTO) in South Africa. This accreditation will mark us as a certified provider of vocational and business education qualifications under the new skills development framework. We anticipate achieving this milestone in the first quarter of 2024.

Guided by Expertise

The backbone of CBA’s curriculum is Sam Tsima’s insightful book, “Holistic CAREER Development COACHING and MENTORSHIP Perspective,” available on Amazon. The book’s principles resonate through the Academy’s course modules, enriching the learning experience.

Connect with Us

At COMETSA Business Academy, we believe in “Skilling and Empowerment Through Business Education!” For any enquiries or further information, reach out to us at COMETSA Contact Centre: Tel. +27 87 474 0904; +27 11 974 5612; +27 11 974 9308, or Email: callcentre@Cometsa-GoC.Com. Visit our website at www.Cometsa-GoC.Com and ask for Michael Molaba for personalised assistance.

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