UNIT 12, Conduct 7 – Leading The Conversation

Welcome to COMETSA Global Online Channels, where our commitment to meaningful dialogue sets the stage for transformation and enlightenment. As hosts and anchors, our role transcends mere facilitation; we are custodians of a conversation that holds the power to inspire and engage. At the heart of our ethos is the IDEA Principle—Inform & Entertain, Develop & Educate, Empower & Support, and Associate & Network. This guiding framework not only shapes our interactions but ensures that each discussion is rooted in delivering value to our listeners.

Our approach is not about leading the conversation but enabling it, allowing our guests—experts in their respective fields—to illuminate the subjects at hand. By aligning our show’s direction with the listeners’ interests and desires, we delve into relevant, compelling topics, ensuring that each session is both a reflection of our audience’s expectations and a platform for guests to share their profound insights and experiences.

In this ever-evolving journey of growth and discovery, we embrace the philosophy of generative listening, engaging deeply with the content and the underlying emotions conveyed. This method does not just elevate the discourse but connects deeply with our audience, fostering a community of active, informed participants ready to transform these dialogues into impactful actions. Join us as we navigate these conversations, where every thought and every voice contributes to the rich tapestry of our shared human experience.

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Hold the Space

As the host or anchor of our shows, your primary role is to hold the space for your guests, enabling them to perform to their fullest potential. You act as an enabler rather than a challenger, aiming to extract the best from our guests. This approach ensures that our listeners are inspired, motivated, and elevated by the conversations with subject matter experts.

The Interests of the Listeners

In this role, you represent the listeners’ interests, not your own. It’s crucial to engage directly with the guest from the listeners’ perspective, asking pertinent questions on their behalf. This requires you to be perceptive, fully present, and imaginative, while setting aside personal biases and ensuring there is no manipulation.

Listeners’ Perspective

Remember, you are not the center of attention; the focus should always be on the guest and the audience. By stepping back, you allow the guest to shine, which our listeners greatly appreciate and value. In the hierarchy of importance, you come third, after the listeners and the guests. Our commitment is to meet the needs, desires, and enlightenment of our audience, and this involves careful research and selection of guests who can deliver on these expectations.

Briefing the Guest

Prior to their appearance, it is essential to brief guests so they align their contributions with what our listeners expect. As a host or anchor, your job is to integrate these expectations within the structured framework of the show and our channel’s overall business model.

The IDEA Principle

At the core of COMETSA Global Online Channels is the IDEA Principle, which stands for Inform & Entertain, Develop & Educate, Empower & Support, and Associate & Network. This principle guides everything we do and shapes how we engage with our audience and guests. Your strategy should involve integrating your guest briefing into this framework, enhancing both the planning and execution of the show. Your unique hosting style and how you anchor the show are what bring this framework to life, adding that special touch to each broadcast.

= We Inform & Entertain!

D = We Develop & Educate!

E = We Empower & Support!

A = We Associate & Network!

That’s The IDEA!

Your strategy is to integrate your guest briefing into the framework and apply it in the show’s planning and hosting or anchoring. Your unique hosting style and anchoring the show are the cherry on top.

A Vessel of Messages

During each broadcast, you must embrace your role as a vessel of messages. This is a core responsibility at COMETSA Global Online Channels. Strive to fulfill at least 50% of the IDEA principle in each session to ensure success. Your objective is to amplify the messages, interpret their meanings, and enhance their impact on the audience, all while maintaining authenticity and transparency. It’s also vital to monitor how these messages are received and to swiftly address any misunderstandings or disconnects that might arise.

Stay with the Thought

When a guest introduces a new idea or perspective, take the time to thoroughly explore that thought before moving on. Our shows are not bound by a rigid structure or syllabus; instead, they are guided by the depth of conversation. Do not rush through topics or pressure your guest to cover more ground than necessary. The goal is to make a meaningful impact, not to check off discussion points. This respect for the guest’s contributions and the topics at hand will earn the admiration and respect of our listeners.

Source of the Thought

Diving deep into the origin of a guest’s thoughts—be it their background, experiences, or research—adds immense value to the discussion. Encourage guests to provide context for their ideas, sharing their perspectives openly. This approach not only empowers our listeners by removing assumptions but also fosters growth and confidence in our guests as they articulate and test their views.


Maintain a disciplined focus on themes that are relevant, current, and engaging to our audience. Utilize available metrics from the online platform to gauge listener engagement and adjust the focus of the conversation as needed. Effective communication among the host, anchor, moderator, and production team is essential to stay aligned with our audience’s interests.


Our programming is not just a series of isolated events; it is a continuous journey of development and growth for both our guests and our listeners. Our engagement is designed to contribute positively to the betterment of humanity. By fostering an environment that encourages thoughtful interaction, we align our content with the evolving needs and desires of our audience.

From Thoughts to Actions

By connecting deeply with our listeners, inspiring and energizing them, we facilitate a transformation that can lead to individual or collective action. This is the point where we encourage engagement in our community through forums, programs, and events, aiming to be a catalyst for societal and global change.

Lessons from Philosophers

Reflecting on the legacy of philosophers like Plato, who significantly shaped modern thought, we recognize the profound impact that ideas can have on society. Our programming is committed to fostering a similar depth of thought and discussion, ensuring that our contributions today will positively influence future generations. This responsibility shapes our content and interactions, guiding us to be disciplined and ethical in our approach, preserving the integrity of our future world and celebrating progress through our shows.

Inspired by Plato (c. 428 – c. 348 BCE)

After Socrates’ death, several of his disciples wrote books in dialogue to celebrate his memory, with Plato being the most distinguished among them for his Socratic dialogues. Born to aristocracy, Plato shifted from a potential political career to philosophy under Socrates’ influence. His travels and writings, including notable works like Apology, Crito, and Euthyphro, helped immortalize Socratic teachings. Plato’s Academy, often considered the first university, fostered an environment where intellectuals, including Aristotle, engaged deeply with philosophical issues. The legacy of the Academy, despite its destruction, continues to influence modern thought, underscoring that impactful ideas can transcend generations.


The context of our discussions is deeply influenced by the legacy of thinkers like Plato. We aim to bring philosophical depth into contemporary issues, shaping the future by integrating ancient wisdom with modern insights. Our goal is to engage our listeners in ways that inspire them and deepen their interest in the subjects discussed, thereby bridging past and present knowledge.


Our approach is guided more by guidelines than a strict agenda. Inspired by the African LEKGOTLA Facilitation Methodology, our conversations are natural, flowing dialogues rather than structured interviews. This format allows us to explore topics thoroughly, ensuring authenticity and fostering a genuine connection between the guest and the audience.


Originality is key in our broadcasts. Our listeners, sophisticated and insightful, expect conversations that are not only informative but also genuinely engaging. We strive to be responsive to their feedback, which shapes our content and helps maintain the dynamic and conversational nature of our shows.

Generative Listening

As hosts, we practice generative listening, which involves fully immersing ourselves in the conversation, understanding the emotional and intellectual nuances conveyed by our guests. This level of engagement allows us to facilitate discussions that are not only informative but also transformative, enabling our guests and listeners to connect on a deeper emotional level.

Connection with Emotions

In every show, we encourage our guests to openly reflect on and express their emotions. By labeling and acting upon these emotions, they become a powerful part of the dialogue, enriching the conversation and leaving a lasting impression on our audience. This emotional engagement is a critical component of our shows, enhancing the overall impact and relevance of the discussion.

No Word-by-Word Question Discussions

Rather than scripting each question, we focus on broad themes and overall context. This approach prepares our guests to engage more naturally and comfortably, allowing for spontaneous and insightful exchanges. Such openness leads to richer, more authentic conversations that resonate with real-life challenges and solutions, reflecting the dynamic nature of our discussions and the unpredictability of real-world issues.


In conclusion, at COMETSA Global Online Channels, we are committed to fostering a platform where deep, meaningful dialogues can flourish, inspired by the enduring wisdom of philosophers like Plato. Our approach is not just about conducting interviews but about creating a space for transformative conversations that bridge historical insights with contemporary relevance. Through our adherence to the IDEA principle and methodologies like the African LEKGOTLA, we strive to deliver content that is not only engaging but also enriches our listeners’ lives and prompts thoughtful action.

We encourage our hosts and guests to engage authentically, prioritizing generative listening and emotional connectivity to cultivate a unique and impactful listener experience. By maintaining a flexible and responsive approach to our programming, we ensure that our discussions remain relevant, insightful, and capable of inspiring change. This dedication to quality and depth in our conversations aims to foster a community of informed, motivated individuals ready to contribute thoughtfully to society and the broader world.

Through continuous innovation and commitment to our values, COMETSA Global Online Channels remains a beacon of knowledge, empowerment, and connection, celebrating the power of ideas to transform lives and shape the future.

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