Talent Management

Your first and foremost job as a leader is to take charge of your own energy and then help to orchestrate the energy of those around you”, Peter F. Drucker

Talent Management is a part of human resource management. It includes HR strategies, methods, and measures to ensure a company’s long-term success. Targeted action is needed to discover and encourage talent with the potential to take on key function in a company.

Challenges: Talent Management interventions in organisations response to some of the obvious challenges, amongst others

  • Building a performance culture that leads to an increased need for qualified and innovative employees
  • The employee turnover rate increases
  • Demographic change results in a decline in the number of specialists and executives
  • The internet increases labor market transparency and strengthens the competition for talented employees
  • Globalization leads to an increased supply of highly qualified workers, but also facilitates their migration.

The four building blocks of our Talent Management interventions

  • Attract Talent: Recruitment Services Management. Employment Value Proposition (Employer Branding). Potential candidates are identified early and made aware of the company through a proactive and targeted approach
  • Identify Talent: Analysis of the Potential. Formulation and Implementation of the Selection Criteria.
  • Promote Talent: Feedback and Employee Development Programs
  • Retain Talent: Incentives and Employee Motivation.

Our Talent Identification Methods in supporting our clients

  • Potential: Identify untapped capabilities. Indicators can help predict competency development.
  • Competencies: Ascertaining importance of particular competencies to company is a prerequisite for successful talent management.
  • Personality: A person’s motives, values, and characteristics that will have a direct or indirect influence on work behavior.
  • Qualifications/Experience: Education, professional experience, and additional qualifications.

Our Talent Development and Promotion Methods

  1. Development Center: Serves long-term performance and competency development.
  2. Networking: Promotes sharing of knowledge and experience between talent at an informal level.
  3. Trainee Programs: Gives young talent a better understanding of a company’s organisational structure.
  4. Management Training: Provides knowledge on fundamental topics such as communication, project management, leadership, etc.
  5. Project Work, Job Rotation: Development tools designed to help talent gain valuable and practical experience.
  6. Coaching and Mentoring: Contributes positively to personal development and improved performance.
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