The Evolution of COMETSA

Cometsa The Concept

Part 2: COMETSA – The Concept

COMETSA is an acronym for Consulting Methods by Sam Tsima. It took Sam almost five years to search for the name of his organisation that would resonate with his diverse knowledge areas and interests. He fell in love with two concepts: consulting and methodology. It was okay to call himself a consultant, but he felt […]

Sam Tsima in Brief! The Evolution of COMETSA

Overview of Sam Tsima and COMETSA’s Inception Sam Tsima’s remarkable journey from his roots in Moripane, a rural village in Limpopo Province, to the establishment of COMETSA is a story of perseverance, global exploration, and a deep commitment to development and entrepreneurship. His early experiences, shaped by a supportive family and community, laid the groundwork […]

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