Unlocking Team Potential: The Power of BELBIN Workshops with Mr. Sam Tsima

The First Step in Developing, Nurturing, and Growing Talent: The BELBIN Self-Perception, Observer Assessment, and Debriefing Workshops

Presented by Mr. Sam Tsima, CEO, Author, and Executive Coach at COMETSA GoC International (Pty) Ltd

Your Belbin Self-Perception Report (SPI) gives you an idea of how you see your role within a team. However, the characteristics you identify may not be the behavior that others would pinpoint or value. Hence, you will also be asked to collect six observer responses. On-screen instructions on how to do this will appear once you have submitted your SPI. Please have six observer email addresses ready.

The Belbin Observer Assessment (OA) gives 360-degree feedback on your Team Roles. The OA should be completed by those who work with you or have recently worked with you. Ideally, your observers should be chosen from colleagues, reports, and managers who are familiar with your behavior and know you well in a work environment. The OA is designed to add depth and understanding of your behavior that others see in the workplace. It should take 5-10 minutes to complete.

Belbin is concerned with behavior – what others in your team see and experience. Belbin’s team role theory provides a common language that crosses geographical and cultural boundaries and enables us to articulate our behavior and the behavior of others. The Belbin Team Roles identify people’s behavioral strengths and weaknesses in the workplace. This information can build productive working relationships, select and develop high-performance teams, raise self-awareness and personal effectiveness, build mutual trust and understanding, and aid recruitment processes. The tool assesses the following:

  • Social Oriented Roles: Resource Investigator (RI), Team Worker (TW), and Coordinator (CO)
  • Thinking Roles: Plant (PL), Monitor Evaluator (ME), and Specialist (SP)
  • Action-Oriented Roles: Shaper (SH), Implementer (IMP), and Completer Finisher (CF)

The Belbin Profiling Tool is commonly applied in the following areas:

  • Personal Development
  • Individual Coaching
  • Team Building, Team Coaching
  • Career Development
  • Talent Management
  • Management Development
  • Conflict Management
  • Enhancing Psychological Safety in Teams
  • Creating Project Teams
  • Internal and External Recruitment
  • Job Evaluation
  • Restructuring of Departments and Organizations

Let us help you with your individual and team’s preferred behavioral assessment, debriefing workshops, and change management through coaching, mentoring, and business management & leadership development facilitation and training.

We will use coaching sessions to debrief you on your Belbin Team Role Behavior Report, discuss the blind spots revealed by the feedback from the six Observers, identify your areas of development, and formulate your coaching theme, goals, and objectives.

NB: To deepen your BELBIN Team Roles insights, watch the following YouTube video:

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