Useful Links

For Cometsa-Goc International Pty Ltd, the following links provide essential resources and valuable connections. From accessing industry insights at the Southern African German Chamber of Commerce & Industry to exploring the latest in coaching and mentorship through the International Coaching Federation and its South African chapter, these links are a treasure trove of information. For those seeking further professional development and networking opportunities, organizations like BELBIN, 2U.Com, and GetSmarter offer a range of options. Additionally, educational institutions like the University of Cape Town’s GSB and Vaal University of Technology extend avenues for advanced learning. The CoachingHub and the Institute of People Management in South Africa further enrich the company’s resources in people development and organizational growth. These links are not just connections but gateways to a world of knowledge and professional advancement for Cometsa-Goc International Pty Ltd.

  1. Southern African German Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  2. International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  3. ICF South Africa Chapter
  4. ICF Foundation
  5. Coaches & Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA)
  7. 2U.Com
  8. GetSmarter
  9. University of Cape Town, Graduate School of Business (GSB)
  10. Vaal University of Technology (VUT)
  11. CoachingHub
  12. Institute of People Management (IPM), South Africa
  13. Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) 
  14. Content Marketing Institute (CMI)
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