Podcast: Insights into the South Korean Culture!

A Journey into South Korean Traditions and Modernity

On the 24th of October 2023, the airwaves of COMETSA Radio Worldwide (CRW) were abuzz with an episode of the COMETSA Bridging Cultures Show that took listeners on a captivating journey to South Korea. Hosted by the globally-minded Dean Foster from New York City and Sam Tsima, a connoisseur of culture in Johannesburg, this special edition delved deep into the intricacies of South Korean culture.

In the first segment, listeners were introduced to Kabelo Maponya, a South African whose experiences as an English language teacher in South Korea and China painted a vivid picture of life in the East. Now a Cape Town-based course developer for an international private education organisation, Kabelo shared his unique insights and personal stories, enriching listeners’ understanding of the interplay between South African and South Korean cultures. His intriguing anecdotes and reflections can be revisited at Insights into South Korean Culture.

An Interactive Cultural Fiesta

The second part of the show transformed into an interactive cultural fiesta with the South Korean Culture Quiz. Kabelo, alongside his mother, Ms Lebogang Grace Mesatywa, led this engaging segment. Listeners from across the globe joined in via a WhatsApp line, turning the quiz into a vibrant dialogue of cultural exchange. This entertaining quiz not only tested but also expanded the listeners’ knowledge about South Korea, making it a learning experience like no other. Relive the fun and challenge at South Korean Culture Quiz.

The October 2023 edition of the COMETSA Bridging Cultures Show was more than just a radio episode; it was a bridge connecting continents and hearts, a testament to COMETSA’s commitment to fostering global understanding and cultural appreciation.

Listen to the Podcast Here

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