Podcast: Exploring Nigerian Culture – A Special Edition of the Bridging Cultures Show

Exploring Nigerian Culture: A Special Edition of the Bridging Cultures Show

COMETSA GoC International (Pty) Ltd is proud to present a special edition of the Bridging Cultures Show, focusing on the vibrant and diverse Nigerian culture. For this episode, the spotlight is on a unique guest, Mr. Steve Oboh, Founder & Director of SteveBeck Limited, a Human Resources consultancy in Lagos, Nigeria.

Reunion with a Motorola Colleague

Steve Oboh, a former colleague from Motorola, joins the show to share his insights. He, along with Malaka Ibrahim in Cairo, and Sam Tsima, played pivotal roles in the Motorola HR team across Africa. Each managed different regions, contributing to the cultural diversity within the Middle East Africa (MEA) office in Dubai, UAE.

The Role of Cultural Diversity in Professional Settings

In their roles, they navigated various cultural landscapes. While Tsima led the HR efforts in South Africa and the Southern African region, Ibrahim focused on Egypt and the North African region, and Oboh was responsible for the Nigerian and West African region. Their work involved integrating many Motorola expatriates into these culturally diverse regions, making them experts in Global Talent Mobility and advisors on local and regional cultural dynamics.

Spotlight on Nigerian Culture

In the 5th Edition of the monthly BRIDGING CULTURES SHOW, and the last one for 2023, the show is honored to host Steve Oboh. His wealth of personal and professional experience offers a deep dive into the nuances of Nigerian culture, providing listeners with unique perspectives and insights.

Podcasts to Tune Into

For those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of Nigerian culture, the show features two engaging podcast episodes: “Insights into Nigerian Culture” and “Nigerian Culture Quiz.” These episodes promise to be both informative and engaging, offering a comprehensive look at the cultural richness of Nigeria.

The Bridging Cultures Show’s discussion with Steve Oboh is more than just a conversation; it’s a journey through the heart of Nigerian culture. Listeners are invited to join this exploration and discover the intricate beauty of one of the world’s most diverse cultures, all within the engaging format of the show.

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