Empowerment Through Business Education: A Weekly Journey with COMETSA Business Academy

Empowerment Through Business Education: A Weekly Journey with COMETSA Business Academy

Discover a World of Business Learning Every Tuesday on COMETSA Radio Worldwide (CRW)

Hey there, business enthusiasts and lifelong learners! Get ready for something truly exciting. Every Tuesday, COMETSA Radio Worldwide (CRW) brings you the COMETSA Business Academy (CBA), transforming your listening experience into a learning adventure.

A Deep Dive into Business Education

Each week features a different course from the academy, covering areas like Administrative Skills, Career Development, Human Resources, Personal Development, Sales and Marketing, Supervisory Skills, and Workplace Essentials. Whatever your career stage, there’s always something valuable to learn.

Monthly and Weekly Updates to Keep You in the Loop

At the beginning of each month, you’ll receive a breakdown of upcoming courses and the expert facilitators. Plus, weekly reminders ensure you’re always up-to-date. Register for the first show on February 6th, 2024, right here: COMETSA Registration Link.

Beyond Just Listening

COMETSA Business Academy (CBA) offers an extensive range of over 130 business courses. These are designed to cater to various stages of your professional journey. From foundational skills to advanced managerial insights, CBA has it all.

Accessing the Show

Download our radio app for Android or iOS for easy access. You can also tune into COMETSA Radio Worldwide (CRW) through these links:

Catch Up on What You Missed

If you’ve missed a show, don’t worry! You can always catch up on previous episodes at the INSIGHTS Online Podcast here.

Join Our Community of Learners

COMETSA Business Academy is more than a learning platform; it’s a community where you can grow, network, and find mentorship. Tune in every Tuesday to be part of this empowering journey.

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