Conscious Leadership Development Coaching, with Sam Tsima

Conscious Leadership Development Coaching, with Sam Tsima.

Embarking on a leadership journey often intertwines with personal development and self-awareness. A cornerstone in my coaching approach, especially in executive and professional contexts, is the Seven Levels of Consciousness Model by Richard Barrett. This innovative framework expands upon Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, adding four insightful levels to suggest our motivations extend far beyond Maslow’s initial framework. Barrett’s methodology isn’t merely theoretical; it’s a practical beacon that guides my clients towards unlocking their true leadership capabilities.

A critical aspect of my coaching involves identifying my clients’ positions within these seven levels of consciousness. Often, this concept is new to them, despite a general familiarity with Maslow’s hierarchy. This discovery serves as our foundational dialogue, a springboard to deeper exploration and self-realization.

Many discussions revolve around the pursuit of happiness and satisfaction beyond the realm of self-esteem. In these moments, I often reference Richard Leider’s “The Power of Purpose”, encouraging a shift in perspective from self-achievement to the pursuit of a deeper, more meaningful life purpose.

Introducing Barrett’s Seven Levels of Consciousness Model is a game-changer, urging clients to map their journey towards achieving their life’s purpose. For those still in search of their purpose, this exploration becomes a focal point of our coaching dialogue.

The journey to transformation, a key aspect of Barrett’s model, necessitates reflection on the foundational needs outlined in Maslow’s hierarchy, starting with survival. We delve into the significance of meeting basic needs as a precursor to pursuing higher levels of consciousness.

As individuals satisfy their survival needs, they naturally seek belonging and relationship building, stepping into the arena of relationship consciousness. This level highlights the innate human need for connection, appreciation, and community.

Moving forward, the quest for recognition and accomplishment ushers individuals into the self-esteem phase. However, Barrett’s model transcends Maslow’s original hierarchy, venturing into higher realms of human consciousness that surpass personal achievements.

Navigating through Barrett’s model illustrates the ongoing evolution of human consciousness, with each level signifying a step towards deeper meaning, societal impact, and ultimately, a significant contribution to humanity. These advanced levels—transformation consciousness, internal cohesion (meaning and purpose), making a difference, and societal contribution—emphasize the transition from personal satisfaction to a broader, more impactful existence.

Exploring these levels offers a pathway to enhanced leadership and personal growth, leading to a life marked by purpose, contribution, and deep satisfaction.

Begin your journey of consciousness with us, and allow us to guide you through the enriching journey laid out by the Seven Levels of Consciousness.

Seven Levels of Consciousness

The Seven Levels of Consciousness, as outlined by Richard Barrett, build upon and extend beyond Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, providing a comprehensive framework for personal and societal development. Here’s a brief overview of each level:

Level 1: Survival Consciousness 

Level 2: Relationship Consciousness 

Level 3: Self-Esteem Consciousness 

Level 4: Transformation Consciousness 

Level 5: Internal Cohesion (Meaning & Purpose) Consciousness 

Level 6: Making a Difference (Community Involvement) Consciousness 

Level 7: Societal Contribution Consciousness

Join us in this profound exploration of consciousness and uncover the limitless potential to lead, inspire, and effectuate meaningful change in the world.

Author: Sam Tsima

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