COMETSA Radio Worldwide Receives SAMPRA License

COMETSA Radio Worldwide Receives SAMPRA License, Expands Music Library with Iconic South African Jazz and Global Hits.

NEWS UPDATE: COMETSA Radio Worldwide (CRW) has been issued a license by the South African Music Performance Rights Association NPC (SAMPRA), under Applicable Tariffs 35-01 for Online Radio Stations. SAMPRA grants this license for the communication of sound recordings to the public in the repertoire it administers. Additionally, in the US, Canada, and the UK, we are licensed through the Live365 platform.

We are now equipped to play both licensed and unlicensed music from artists around the globe. In a swift response, we’ve enriched our radio music library with some of the South African evergreen jazz tracks from our iconic artists. These tracks are available for you to enjoy 24/7. This expansion not only diversifies our content but also arrives just in time for the festive season. We’re continually adding more local and international tracks. Tune in to experience some of our authentic South African original evergreen tracks.

Artists featured on COMETSA Radio Worldwide (CRW) receive royalties through SAMPRA and Live365. We take pride in our online radio station’s role in supporting the financial growth of musicians.

Our selected music genres include jazz, classic, ambient, inspirational, spiritual, dreamy, traditional, and world music, primarily focusing on evergreens. This selection aligns with our commitment to human capital consciousness, mindfulness development, wellness, and mental health practice.

It’s all systems go as we activate COMETSA Heritage Development Agency NPC, focused on developing, promoting, and positioning emerging South African artists in both local and international music industries.

We encourage young, talented musicians to join us at www.CometsaMember.Com and submit their demos to our radio. This platform offers them global exposure beyond their imagination. We are dedicated to nurturing their musical journey through COMETSA Radio Worldwide (CRW) and COMETSA Heritage Development Agency NPC.

Download the COMETSA Radio Worldwide (CRW) app directly HERE, for your Android or iOS devices, and be part of this exciting journey.

You can also tune in via the following direct public listening links for COMETSA Radio Worldwide (CRW):

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