Workplace Coaching!

Workplace Coaching is the new phenomenon most managers are integrating into their human capital development interventions. They help their team members deal with performance related challenges. However, it is important for those managers who want to introduce and practice workplace coaching to first learn the workplace coaching skills. There are certain workplace coaching principles that must be learned and practiced, namely,

  • jointly setting up coaching goals for the employee,
  • formulation of the action plans,
  • building the rapport with the employee you are coaching,
  • practice active listening during the coaching interventions,
  • reserving judgement,
  • being guided by your own intuition,
  • asking open-ended question to trigger creativity in the employee,
  • creating a sense of accountability by checking on progress, and
  • providing regular and honest feedback.

If the manager is not prepared to follow these principles workplace coaching may not be successful. This is the new skill that managers must have. We are there as external coaches to assist managers learn the skill. This field is changing at a very fast pace.

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