The Journey of Self- and Collective Discovery!

This dirt road leading to or from small rural village of Moripane signifies the challenging start of my life journey. I am retracing it in my first book to give the perspective to my Coaching and Mentorship professions. The Ngwaritsi river on the edges of this small village had always signified source of life to me. Unfortunately its capabilities have been reduced by the changing climatic conditions.

Ngwaritsi River at the bottom of this small rural village of Moripane signified a source of life to me as I grew up here as a herd-boy scholar.

Visiting my rural place of birth, The Greater Jane Furse, Sekhukhune District, Limpopo Province, South Africa, is what I love doing. In my Sepedi language of the Bapedi we talk of “Gae ga Mahlaku” (the home where everything is as original as it was before) where you are truly called “Ngwana Mobu” (the Child of the Village), or literally, “The Son of Soil”. I feel restored after being there this weekend. That is My Perspective! My Foundation! My Origin! The place that gives me meaning to life! I write about this place in Chapter 2 (The Beginning! Moripane Village); Chapter 3 (Basic Education! The Foundation), Chapter 4 (Child of the Village), Chapter 5 (The Journey of Self-Discovery), Chapter 6 (Herd-Boy Scholar! The Innovation!), Chapter 7 (Inspired by Village Footballers! The Legends of Sekhukhune), Chapter 8. (You are Your Culture), and Chapter 9 (Leadership Development and Practice! The LEKGOTLA Way!) in my upcoming book, Mentorship and Coaching Philosophy! The Perspective!, which will be published by Kindle, Amazon, on the 27th March 2023, and is already available for pre-order using the link below; ; Two more books in the series are planned for 2023, and they are, Book 2: Mentorship and Coaching Philosophy! The Process!, and Book 3: Mentorship and Coaching Philosophy! The Purpose!

The Perspective! My Beginning! Moripane Village, viewed from the southern direction. That’s where the Journey started.

These books in the series, MENTORS AND COACHES PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT on Amazon’s Kindle ebooks platform, are practical books for the students and practitioners of mentorship and coaching based on my personal and professional anecdotes, experience and insights. They are my contribution to the professions, one of the many books to follow on the series, I will gladly always welcome your feedback. #coaching #mentoring #learning #growth

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