Strategy Planning

Context: Strategic planning provides an organisation with a framework for understanding its position in the market place, moving forward with a sense of direction, purpose and urgency, focusing on issues such as quality, productivity and customer satisfaction, motivation, communication, and change to deliver the required results.

Our Strategy Development and Planning Framework:

Level 1: Studying the Business Environment

Level 2: Formulation or Revision of the Intent, Vision, and Mission.

Level 3: Organisational Behaviours and Values

Level 3: Formulation of Business Objectives

Level 4: Business Objectives Term Classification (Short-, Medium-, and Long-Term)

Level 5: Linking the Business Objectives and Activities/Tasks (Short-, Medium-, and Long-Term)

Level 6: Strategic Program of Action (Implementation)

Level 7: Monitoring, Evaluation & Measurement (M.E.M)

Level 8: Governance & Ethical Compliance Model (and Consequences for Non-Compliance)

Level 9: Risk Management Model

Level 10: Business Continuity Model

Business Strategic Planning Discussions

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