STAR Coaching Model! Coaches Learning Forum!

COACHES LEARNING FORUM show on the evening of the 6th September 2022, at 18h00 – 20h00 (SAST), was brought to you by COMETSA Radio Podcast Live on COMETSA Podcasting Network, a member of COMETSA Global Online Channels. Executive Coach, Sam Tsima, moderated a conversation on STAR Coaching Model with two coaches, Christa Hendrikz and Ramabaka Abel Tshimole. According to GARMAN Business Coaching, the STAR Coaching Model is a unique tool intended for business leaders, but it is particularly useful for those new to the leadership role that are looking to improve their problem-solving and stress management skills. The tool is rooted in cognitive behavioural therapy and can be a highly effective way to help someone get rid of damaging or limiting thoughts and behaviours. We will unpack the model. 

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