Repeat – Part 3, Module 4: Online Radio DJs and Podcasters Dev Program

PODCAST! Repeat – Part 3, Module 4: Online Radio DJs and Podcasters Development Programme focuses on the following three conducts we want to inculcate in the DJs and Podcasters during their shows, Facilitation, Affirmation & Motivation, and Leading Conversations.

CONDUCT 6 – FACILITATE: Focus on facilitating the show. Use the LEKGOTLA Methodology to keep yourself in check. It would be best if you aimed not only to become a good DJ and Broadcaster. It would help if you also became a good facilitator of conversations. That will give you additional opportunities in commerce and industry as a celebrity DJ Broadcaster to facilitate business conversations.

CONDUCT 7 – AFFIRM and MOTIVATE: Affirm and motivate the Guest in the middle of the show as they hit high notes and mention some profound statements. The role of the host is to help the guests to reach their best level of performance. We want them to uplift the listeners to the highest energy vibration level. 

CONDUCT 8 – LEAD CONVERSATIONS: Your performance yardstick is how you lead the flow of the Conversation. A good host and facilitator recognise when the conversation is flowing with a particular idea and allows it to be explored to the end or package it in a way that meets the listeners’ desires. Disruption when the guest is in a flow and the listeners are enjoying the conversation is hated by the stakeholders. 

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