Repeat – Part 2, Module 5, Online Radio DJs and Podcasters Dev Program

OPENING & WELCOME: Introductions, Checking-In, Reflection on Lecture 4/Module 4, Progress Update, and Statistics on Individual Shows

CONDUCT 9 – FOLLOW UP: Follow up on inputs to verify views. A good listener host will recognise new or alternative feedback offered by the guest and follow up with the guest to unpack it more. Moving away from new insightful inputs is an interference with the learning process. Hence following up on new thoughts is one of the great qualities of facilitators and hosts of the shows.

CONDUCT 10 – CHALLENGE RESPECTFULLY: You are required and expected to challenge any inputs and thoughts that are not supported by evidence. However, it would be best if you challenged the guests respectfully.

CONDUCT 11 – DEBATES vs ARGUMENTS: Allow debates but do not enter destructive arguments. It is healthy to debate, but disagreements must lead to resolving issues. The LEKGOTLA Conversation Methodology is appropriate for facilitating discussions and resolving disputes. We will continue holding LEKGOTLA sessions to build capacity among our DJs and Broadcasters.

CONDUCT 12 – LISTENING: As a facilitator, the host speaks less a listen more. Expand on the thoughts and inputs from the guests rather than being the ones introducing new ideas. Don’t talk too much and overshadow your guests and co-hosts.

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