Repeat – Module 6, Online Radio DJs and Podcasters Dev Program

CONDUCT 13 – NO EATING: Avoid eating during the show. The listeners will pick it up that you are eating. Only drinking is allowed but keeps liquids far from the equipment.

CONDUCT 14 – FOCUS: Pretend you are entering the physical studio, and do not allow anyone around you to obstruct your attention. Suppose you let that, you will lose your trail of thought. That can be embarrassing for you, and you will lose the respect of the listeners.

CONDUCT 15 – MOBILE PHONE: Keep your mobile silent, not vibrate. The listeners will hear your mobile phone when it vibrates. Don’t try to check your incoming text messages and notifications during the show. You may pick up disturbing notifications that will throw you out of balance.

CONDUCT 16 – AUTHENTICITY: Be authentic and original as a host or co-host. Do not choreograph the show. Let the show take its natural flow. Yours is to set the framework and parameters within which your show will be allowed to fluctuate. Allow the highs and lows during the show. Let the listeners feel the emotions generated by the participants in the show.

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