OSKAR Coaching Model! Coaches Learning Forum!


Podcast! OSKAR Coaching Model! Coaches Learning Forum! A conversation with Coach George Mutendadzamera at COMETSA Radio Podcast Live on Tuesday, the 11th of October 2022, from 18h00  to 20h00 (SAST). The OSKAR Coaching Model was developed by Mark McKergow and Paul Z. Jackson. They published the model in their 2002 book titled THE SOLUTIONS FOCUS: MAKING COACHING AND CHANGE SIMPLE. They originally developed the model for the Coaching For Results Program at Walkers Snackfoods………. and it has since proved a versatile and flexible guideline for independent coaches and managers working as coaches. 
Coach George Mutendadzamera was assigned to research the OSKAR Coaching Model and present his findings to our monthly Coaches Learning Forum hosted by COMETSA Radio Podcast Live. We talked with him and learned collectively from the new insights he shared with us. 

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