Online Learning Academy

COMETSA Learning Academy is a specialists in the facilitation of online learning programs and courses offered by the latest technology platforms service providers. Whereas there is mushrooming of the online technology based campuses, the difference lies on the tutoring and assessment of the courses. STUDY.COM is our preferred provider of the Online Campus platform.

Monthly Online Tutoring: We deliver monthly online lecture series on topics that lead  to credits towards global formal qualifications via Online Campus;

Application: The application to participate in the course is done online, including the payment for the weekly lectures. Subscribe to our portal here to receive notifications when new course are launched.

Topics: The lecture topic(s) for the following month are confirmed in the current month, and repeated monthly, reconfirming the following week topic(s) in the current week. The students attend the monthly tutorials.

Online Classroom Link: They will be issued with a link that gives them access to register for the course at our Online Classroom. The link will give the student access to our Online Classroom to attend our tutoring and also to watch the lecture videos, study the lecture transcripts, answer quizzes, complete assignments and end of chapter examination type questions.

Examinations and Credit Transfer: When the students are ready to take formal examinations they can to do so. Upon completing the course they can apply for credit transfer to the qualification at their chosen college or university.

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