COMETSA Corporate Brand

The word COMETSA is the acronym for Consulting Methods by Sam Tsima. The slogan of the organisation is The MIND! The JOURNEY! The DESTINY! In full it stands for: We apply our MIND to the JOURNEY that takes us to our DESTINY! corporate colours of the organisation are three, namely, White, Purple, and Red. The structure in the middle of the design represents a burning platform made of a tube signifying a development pipeline through which talent is developed in stages. As it goes through the pipeline we put more “fire” signifying more development interventions from the start to the end signified by the arrow from the left to the right, dropping the fully developed talent in this friendly royal space. The immediate circle ensures that this talent is protected and nurtured further as it learns to apply the newly acquired knowledge. The year 1997 signifies the beginning of this continuous human capital development process. The organisation was established on the 1st of august in 1997 in Johannesburg as a development football club. Today, COMETSA has developed into a fully fledged human capital, management and leadership development consulting organisation focusing mainly in coaching, mentoring, training & development, consulting, facilitation, advisory, and professional & business networking – The LEKGOTLA Way.

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