Lifestyle Walk/Hiking and Business Networking

COMETSA Business Associates, Members, Friends, and Supporters at the May 2022 Lifestyle Walk/Hiking at Modderfontein Nature Reserve, packaged under the COMETSA Business Consultants Network (BCN). After two difficult years of lockdowns due to COVID-19 we are eager to facilitate the rejuvenation of people and business through activities that encourage healthy life styles. Through our monthly lifestyle walks/hiking we are bringing together our business associates, members, friends, supporters, and general public at the environmentally friendly Modderfontein Nature Reserve. 

We converge for registration, meet & greet, networking and getting ready at 06h00 a.m. (SAST), and start the walk and hiking in the nature reserve at 07h00 a.m. (SAST) until 10h00 a.m. (SAST). It is inspiring to observe the networking through conversations while enjoying the walk and hiking together in the nature reserve. This connection with nature(flora and fauna) is what we need for our health after lockdown, and of course into the future. It is a healthy lifestyle. It is beautiful to see some of our members doing this with their children. For those who want to bring their children to walk and hike together you can be assured that the reserve is friendly to children and you are welcome to do so. There is also kiddies area with diverse activities facilitated by professionals. 

After the walk and hiking we reconvene for further business networking at the Farmers Market over drinks, lunch, while enjoying live music entertainment from 10h00 a.m. (SAST). There are various stalls selling food from different cultures, Thai, Mexican, Indian, South African, etc. 

We encourage our Business Associates to bring brochures and any source of information about their businesses to network with each other. It is in our interest that they network and do business with each other. That is the benefit of being a member of COMETSA Friends & Supporters Club NPO. 

For our members, this is your opportunity to get to know each other. For our guests and friends, we are looking forward to introducing you to our organization and the activities we engage in. 

  • 06h00 – 07h00 Arrival, Buying Tickets, Meet and Greet, Networking
  • 07h00 – 10h00: Lifestyle Walk/Hiking
  • 10h00 – 12h00: Drinks, Business Networking, Live Musical Entertainment at the Farmers Market
  • 12h00  – 14h00: Lunch, Business Networking, Live Musical Entertainment at the Farmers Market
  • 14h00 – 18h00: OPTIONAL – Continued Business Networking at the Farmers Market

The Modderfontein Nature Reserve offers great hiking trails for the whole family. Located just northeast of Johannesburg, it is a beautiful natural oasis. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, running, and bird watching and is accessible year-round. It is well marked, maintained, and loved the beautiful scenery of the waterfall. Great options that cater to the whole family. This is a flat trail which makes it great for families and has lots of shaded parts where it doesn’t get too hot.

Conservation Fees payable at the entrance to the Nature Reserve

  • Adults: R35.00 per Adult 
  • Children: R20.00 per Child

NB: Additional information. Dress in a sporty outfit, running shoes, hat to protect yourself against the sun, water bottle, towel, and nourishments you may require. There are traders selling food and drinks, so please budget for your own meals after the walk/hiking, and during our volunteer networking, should you and your family want to stay longer to enjoy nature. There is Park Run on every Saturday at 08h00. Check details at 

For further information visit 

NB: For our records, we will appreciate it if you can confirm your attendance by registering for free using the event RSVP link on this portal. We are looking forward to welcoming you on Saturday, the 16th April 2022 at the Modderfontein Nature Reserve.

MEMBERSHIP AT COMETSA: If you are not yet a member of COMETSA Friends & Supporters Club NPO we encourage you to apply for either individual or corporate membership online at or 

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