Members, Friends, and Supporters celebrating the 2oth Anniversary in August 2017

The Beginning: It was on the 1st August 1997 when we brought together a group of young people to start a development football club in Johannesburg. I knew then that ours was not about football only. We wanted to mobilize these young people, using football, to give them the opportunity to develop into future leaders.

The Reflections: Fast forward today COMETSA is a fully-fledged human capital, management, and leadership development consulting organization. This year, 2022, we are reflecting on the last twenty fives years with great inspiration.

Intra-Provincial Initiative: The COMETSA journey of the last 25 years was not only limited to Gauteng Province but included the Limpopo Province (originally called Northern Province), and other provinces through COMETSA Intra-Provincial Youth Development Exchange Programmes, particularly based on football, art & culture, education, and music.

The “RELEASE”: The COMETSA Youth Development and Community Outreach Programs are inspired by the famous COMETSA “RELEASE” Concept, which entails the following aspects of an individual, community, and organizational development 

  • L = LEISURE 
  • A = ART (including CULTURE) 
  • S = SPORT 
Sam Tsima, Founder & CEO, researching Human Capital Development

The Intent: Ours has never been about becoming a professional football club or musicians, but a Holistic Human Capital, Management, and Leadership Development Organisation, supporting professionals in their career management journeys, starting with the facilitation of the transition of the youth through the three “bridges” of education, career, and professional development, THE HUMAN CAPITAL TRIAD TRANSITIONS 

  • 1st Bridge: Educational Transition from High School to the Higher Institutions of Learning (Academies, Colleges, and Universities)
  • 2nd Bridge: Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Transition from the Higher Institutions of Learning to the World of Work (entering Corporates), building lasting careers, including support, mentoring, coaching and advisory, i.e. Career Guidance, Career Management, and Mastery of Corporate Dynamics.
  • 3rd Bridge: Community Reinvestment & Individual Social Responsibility Transition, back to the Communities that made us who we are. This is the ultimate as it is expected of us to adopt our young sisters and brothers from the villages, townships, towns, and cities as our mentees and coachees, challenging and showing them the way, using our very own experiences. 
Founder Players, Members, and Staff of COMETSA

OUR MODEL: It is our commitment to ploughing back in our communities as we grow our own careers, professions, and businesses. HERITAGE to HERITAGE, GENERATIONS to GENERATIONS, and leaving lasting LEGACY behind our names, in the context of our Philosophy: The MIND! The JOURNEY! The DESTINY! We apply our MIND to the JOURNEY that takes us to our DESTINY!

Patrick Bapela and Sam Tsima cutting cake at the 20th Anniversary Celebrations (August 2017)

Invitation to Membership: At the same time, we are looking forward to the future that is built on this solid history. But we do not want to walk this new path alone. We have established a sister organization called COMETSA Friends & Supporters Club NPO. You may join the JOURNEY by becoming part of our next 25 years and beyond by applying for either individual or corporate membership online at

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