Executive Mentoring

Targeted Concept: The Executive Mentoring Program is multifaceted, making it possible to address the needs of various target audiences. The company’s objectives determine the focus and participants of the executive mentoring program.

Main Objectives: Among the main objectives of the executive mentoring program are the promotion of diversity, equality, employee and organisational development. In executive mentoring, leadership development must also be included.

Team Competence: Actively contributes to team success.

Social Competence: Appropriate communication behaviours between different hierarchical levels.

Ability to Implement: Solutions can be implemented quickly and consistently.

Solution Expertise: Complex questions can be contextually analysed, understood and solved.

Network Competence: Professional or personally important networks cab be built, integrated and maintained.

Innovation Competence: Participants can leave “old” paths to discover new unknown paths that may be associated with risks.

Reflection Skills: The company is considered from different perspectives.

Corporate and Business Skills: Various assessments are shared, developed, and dealt with by partners.

The Four Phases of the Mentoring Process: (1) Selection Phase; (2) Negotiation Phase; (3) Work Phase; and (4) Assessment Phase

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