COMETSA Business Academy (CBA)

COMETSA is all about growth and development at every level. They focus on enhancing skills, competencies, and knowledge, ensuring that individuals and teams are well-equipped to tackle challenges at administrative, operational, and leadership levels. By offering Business Academy Courses (BAC) both online and in-person, COMETSA ensures flexible and accessible learning opportunities for everyone.

Here’s what sets COMETSA apart:

  1. Tailored Learning: Courses are available on demand, ensuring that your specific training needs are met with a customized approach.
  2. Unique Methodology: The LEKGOTLA Way, an African-rooted facilitation technique, fosters an environment ripe for dialogue, learning, and problem-solving, emphasizing the power of shared knowledge.
  3. Expert Facilitators: Courses are led by seasoned professionals who are part of COMETSA’s network, ensuring that participants receive top-notch guidance.
  4. Exclusive Rates: Members benefit from special pricing, demonstrating COMETSA’s commitment to building long-term relationships with its clients.
  5. Continuous Engagement: With weekly radio shows and easily accessible membership options, the learning and development journey with COMETSA is an ongoing experience.

Our WHY!

We develop individuals, teams and business skills, competencies, expertise, insights, knowledge, mindsets, practices, behaviours, techniques, tactics, strategies, and values at the administrative, technical, specialisation, operational, management, executive, and leadership levels. 

Our HOW!

We deliver the Business Academy Courses (BAC) through virtual (online), face-to-face or hybrid delivery methods. 


We offer COMETSA Business Academy (CBA) courses to our clients, stakeholders, and members on a demand basis. Should you need our training and development services, contact us for a proposal and quotation. Mention the name of the course and course number.


We use the LEKGOTLA Way Facilitation Methodology in delivering our courses. This is the African methodology for creating an environment conducive to active thinking, dialogue, conversation, engagement, learning, development, and resolving conflicts. The hosts, facilitators, co-facilitators, guest presenters and speakers, and course participants collectively create the knowledge from each other’s perspectives. The participants are inducted and introduced to the life-long learning culture. We encourage the course participants and all the role players to appreciate and value the notion that one grows by sharing their knowledge and information with fellow participants. The more we share what we know with others, the more we become knowledgeable.

That is growth through the application of knowledge. Through the knowledge exchange, the participants enrich and expand their capacity to deal with the complexities in their personal and professional situations. Real growth happens in the field, at the offices, and within our communities and families as the participants apply and practice the new knowledge and skills they acquired during the workshops and lectures. NB: We have developed the LEKGOTLA Way Learning & Development Methodology Manual, which is obtainable from the COMETSA office. Our facilitators learn using this manual in becoming facilitators – the LEKGOTLA Way.


The qualified members of COMETSA are developed and signed up as business associates who facilitate the various modules of our courses.

SPECIAL RATES: Our individual, corporate and institutional members receive special rates when they enrol for our courses, participate in our workshops, and take up coaching and mentorship services.

MEMBERSHIP: If you want to become our associate and facilitator, apply for your membership at https://www.CometsaMember.Com.

UPDATES: Weekly, on Tuesdays, from 19h00 pm to 20h00 pm (SAST), live at COMETSA Radio Worldwide (CRW). Download our radio apps here: for Android or iOS mobile devices, and tune into our weekly show.

CONTACTS! Contact us for the proposal and quotation for the training and development of your employees or teams at callcentre@Cometsa-GoC.Com or call us at tel. +27 87 474 0904; +27 11 974 5612 or +27 11 974 9308.

List of the Courses We Provide

1. Administrative Skills Courses (ASC)

2. Career Development Courses (CDC)

3. Human Resources Courses (HRC)

4. Personal Development Courses (PDC)

5. Sales and Marketing Courses (SMC)

6. Supervisors and Managers Courses (SuMC)

7. Workplace Essentials Courses (WEC)

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